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Tuesday to Sunday    from 10am to 7:30pm

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Don't forget the new combinations

Berry spicy dumpling
Berry spicy dumpling

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Berry spicy Gangjung chicken
Berry spicy Gangjung chicken

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Berry spicy dumpling
Berry spicy dumpling

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Berry spicy sauce
with Chicken & Dumpling

For this summer, "Berry spicy sauce" is added on our variety flavours which is a sauce that has strawberry jam used as the sweetener.

-- Berry spicy GangJung chicken

-- Berry spicy fried dumpling

  (Pork&Beef, Chicken, Kimchi and Veggie dumpling available) 

==> Food allergy notice. <==

Food prepared in our restaurant may contain the following ingredients: milk, eggs, wheat, peanuts, and tree nuts. If you have a food allergy, please don't order or eat anything from this shop.

  • peanuts

  • tree nuts

  • milk and milk products

  • egg and egg products

  • crustaceans (shellfish)

  • fish

  • sesame seeds

  • soybeans

  • lupin

  • cereals containing gluten namely, wheat, rye, barley, oats and spelt and their hybridised strains

  • added sulphites

  • and so on.



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Sometime we can not take every call.

Use online-order instead please.

Pleas understand, cooking could takes longer than we tell you when you order.

When busy time as weekend dinner, actually it's not easy to predict correct cooking time, so we just roughly tell you the prediction.

In this reason, your order might not be made on time but please understand we must doing our best.

Tok-Poky frozen package available


Hand-made Dumpling
           frozen package available

Frozen Dumpling.jpg

We are currently experiencing a staff-shortage. Some items may not be available especially the frozen dumplings and tok-poky. Please don't be hesitant to contact us for any questions in advance.

Available Korean dishes

Japche (Stir-fried Beef, Veggies, and Sweet potato noodle, served  with rice )

[Vegan/Vegetarian - Tofu instead of beef]

Cheese Tok-poky (Spicy rice cake with Fishcake and Cheese)

JJam-Pong ( Spicy noodles soup with pork and seafood )

JJa-Jang (Black bean and pork sauce noodles with seafood)

Kimchi-JJim ( Braised Kimchi with Pork belly )

O Jing O ( Stir Fried Spicy Squid. )

Soon Tofu ( Korean spicy soft tofu soup with seafoods. )

Chi-Bop ( Yummy Korean fried chicken with rice and salade. the flavours you can choose from Soy, Hot-soy, Sweet-spicy, or Hot spicy )

Kimchi-jeon ( Korean pancake with Kimchi and Cheese )

Dak-Galbi ( Stir-fried spicy chicken thigh with veggies, served with rice )

Take away only

Opening Hours

Tuesday to Sunday
10:30 am to 8pm

Korean Fried Chicken

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Kimchi-Jjim ( 김치찜 )
Kimchi-Jjim is Braised Kimchi with Pork belly.  Aged and well-fermented Kimchi will give you a deep and thick flavour. You will not regret it to try.
On your rice bowl, make a little rice pile using a chopstick and put a piece of pork belly on top. Then use a nice long piece of Kimchi to wrap the pork and rice together and have a big bite for a mouth full of flavour.
( available for a while )

KimChi-JJim (김치찜)

Chi-Bop (Chicken&Rice)

Chi means Chicken and Bop(밥) is Steamed rice.

Yummy Korean fried chicken with rice and salad. the flavors you can choose from Soy, Hot-soy, Sweet-spicy, or Hot spicy. (Sauce can not be served separately)

Tok-Poky ( 떡볶이 )

Tok-Poky is a Pan-fried Rice cake with Korean chilli paste, topping Cheese, which is representative of Korean spicy food......  Yummy...!!!!  

( Available now )

Cheese Tok-Poky

Japche ( 잡채 )

Soy sauce based Stir fried Beef, Veggies and Sweet potato noodle,  served with rice


( Available now )


Dak-Galbi ( 닭갈비 )

Chilli paste based Stir-fried spicy chicken with veggies, served with steamed rice

( Available now )
CD_Dack Galbi.jpg

JJa Jang 

JJa Jang ( 짜장, known as a black noodle )

Black bean sauce mixed pan-fried noodle with seafood.

( Available now )
Soon-Tofu( 순두부 )


Soon-Tofu is a Spicy soft-tofu stew with various seafood. Korean people tend to have this in order to get rid of hang-over. Yes, you can select your spice level from mild to super spicy.